About Centrix

We Are A Company That Listens

Centrix is a full-service employment solution provider that has delivered fast, high-quality staffing results for more than 20 years. We work with top-level candidates (representing the top 20-30%) and many well-respected brands and companies throughout the Northeast.

Through it all, we take the time to genuinely listen to our clients and develop Client for Life relationships. We understand the critical nature of your staffing needs. That's why we work closely with you to fully understand your requirements, and provide exactly what you need when  you need it.

Philosophy - Our commitment is to find, to understand, and to fulfill the needs of others. This produces an unparalleled level of service and superior results.

Experience - For more than 20 years, our dedication to solving employment challenges for our clients has led to a number of innovative services, tools, and resources.

Leadership - Our founders got the business off the ground by helping their clients succeed. It's a simple way of doing business that many take for granted, but it has powered our growth and success over the years. The founders are still involved with the business and keep everyone focused on the goal of serving others every day.

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