A Process for SUPERIOR Matches

Our SUPERIOR Match job order process ensures that we have all the information we require to find best fit matches for your needs.

SUPERIOR Match consists of:

Success Factors - What are the skills and attributes that are required to ensure total success in this position?

Unique Company/Department Attributes - Every company or department has its own unique culture. We go the extra mile to develop an understanding of your culture so we can find individuals who who will thrive in your environment.

Performance Requirements - By probing to determine exactly what you need this person to accomplish, we can further identify success factors and make even better matches.

Experience - A person's past experience can provide an insight into their potential for future performance. We'll work with you to determine what types of past experience will provide the best potential for future success.

Recruiting Attractors - What are the most attractive elements of your company or available position from our candidate's perspective? This may be compensation like salary or benefits, but it may also be opportunity for growth, prestige, or interesting work. People accept jobs for any number of reasons, and we want to know everything about this job so we can sell it to our candidates.

Interview Process - We need to understand your complete decision making process. Will you require an interview? If so, who will be conducting those? How quickly do you need somebody? By understanding your complete process, we can be sure to be responsive to your needs through each step.

Other Information - Is there anything else we should know to fill this position?

Recruiting Sources - Many of our clients find that some sources produce better employees. This may be one of your competitors or some other company who's training process or environment prepares employees for success in your own. We want to explore all of these with you so that we can directly target your optimal candidates.

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