Direct Recruiting

An organization's success is dependent upon the productivity and quality of its employees. By selecting Centrix, you gain access to a vast pool of candidates who are ready to bring instant results to your organization. We will only represent the top 20-30% of available applicants, so we have to look harder and deeper to find the level of professional individuals our clients require.

Always Looking for Great People

Proactive Recruiting - To generate the instant results our clients demand, we maintain an experienced workforce at all times. This prepares us to quickly respond to any of your human resources needs.

Referrals - On average, we get two referrals for every result we generate. That 200% referral rate is a key to filling our applicant pool with the very best candidates available.

Networking - Our candidate pool is further fed by our recruiters' active involvement in their local communities and professional organizations.

Targeted Recruiting - For more specific needs, our recruiters will use powerful recruiting techniques to individually target your ideal candidates.

Giant Recruiter Network - Powerful filtering and search tools allow us to instantly search thousands of candidates in multiple offices to find your ideal person.

The Centrix Difference Become a Client

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