Centrix Clients

We're Proud to Work With Some Amazing Companies

Many of our clients are so enthusiastic about working with Centrix, they wanted to share their stories. We've included a small group of them here for you to review.

"I want to say thank you and job well done. When we are in the need of a temporary employee, you and your staff waste no time on getting us a qualified person that is ready to work. Keep up the great service."

~Brian, Environmental Services

"We have been dealing with Centrix Staffing for about 8 months now. Every time we need someone, Liz and Wanda are quick to get us the help that we need to get through the days/weeks. Even on nights or weekends, we are able to reach them to accommodate our needs. They are both very friendly and easy to work with!!! Keep up the great work!!!!!!"

~Gene, Manufacturer

"We have used Centrix Staffing for several years now. I have found the agency professional, reliable, and very organized. A call is made to us every morning. The nature of the call is always pleasant and polite, and inquiries are made in regards employees presence or tardiness. The entire staff gets a high mark from us."

~Miriam, Production

"Centrix Staffing has been a valuable longtime vendor partner to our company. In our opinion, Centrix is the leader in the temporary staffing industry. Their service is top notch and we highly recommend them. Thank you for your years of service."

~Andreas, Food Production

"I must bring to your attention the outstanding customer service I receive from Natalie. Her professional and courteous attitude, expert knowledge, and patience in handling my specific issues with staffing were very important to my complete satisfaction. Thank you for your services and I look forward to sharing a great prosperous business relationship together."

~Ben, Manufacturer

"It gives me great pleasure to say what a great team you have built with Natalie and her staff and how responsive they are to my ever changing needs. They are friendly and I enjoy talking with all of them when they are doing their follow up phones calls to ensure the temps make it to the job site. They also do checks on the performance of each individual. I could say so much more about the fine services that you provide at Centrix Staffing but what is important to say is a big thank you Centrix Staffing team and I hope your success continues in the near future."

~Darren, Distribution

"Just wanted to drop you a line personally; You have been tenacious in pursuing us from the beginning, almost 7 years ago for me, and even after winning us as a customer, you have not forgotten us and moved on. I appreciate the visits you make to our offices weekly, it shows that you have invested time and patience in developing a relationship with us and are looking to keep it in place. You are possibly the only vendor that has attempted to maintain the relationship you worked so hard to build. I apologize that I do not always have the time or availability to see you when you stop thru. Your patience in pursuing us has benefited us in ways we were not expecting. From bringing us back into contact with Elena and introducing us to the rest of the team as well as providing us with quality labor in addition to allowing us to “try out” potential new employees thru you. You put yourself out in front of us for a long time and collectively Centrix has really lived up to the expectations."

~Dave, Hospitality

"Of all the temporary employment agencies we have tried over the years, we have found Centrix to be one of the most dependable. They have a friendly, professional staff that we have come to rely on to provide us with the quantity of hardworking manpower we need to meet our deadlines and still maintain the quality of our product. Their expertise in screening applicants provides the high work ethics and skills we have come to depend on."

~Noel, Manufacturing

"I would like to thank you and your staff at Centrix Staffing (Upper Darby Branch) for the help you have given us throughout the year. You have been an invaluable staffing partner. No matter what time of day, what day of the week, whether we need 1 person or 20 you are always able to help us out in a pinch. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship."

~Michael, Environmental Remediation

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