The Centrix Guarantee

At Centrix, we're always focused on building and maintaining Client for Life relationships. We make professional hiring affordable AND we stand behind it. That's why we gladly offer some of the best staffing guarantees in the business.

4-Hour Working Temporary Evaluation
We're confident that any associates we send you will be highly productive, but if you find they aren't working out, let us know and we'll take care of it immediately.

30 Calendar-Day Free Replacement or 100% Refund
Upon termination or resignation of a placed employee within the first 30 calendar days of employment, we will offer free replacement or refund 100% of paid fee.

Free Replacement or 90 Calendar-Day Prorated Refund
Upon termination or resignation of original employee beyond 30 and up to 90 calendar days, Centrix will offer free replacement or a prorated refund.

50% Replacement After 90 Days And Up To One Year
Upon promotion, termination, or resignation of original candidate beyond 90 calendar days and up to one year, Centrix will offer a replacement on a prorated fee.

The Centrix Difference Become a Client

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