Staffing at the Speed of Business

Centrix understands urgency. Every second a position remains unfilled costs you in lost productivity or lost opportunity. Our median time to fill is just 28 minutes for temporary orders. Meaning, we fill most assignments almost as soon as you call, and we commit to keeping you updated every 30 minutes until you get the solution you need.

  • Proactive Recruiting - we have solutions before you have needs
  • 28 Minute Median Time to Fill
  • 30 Minute Status Updates
  • Vast Recruiter Network - allows us to pull from a larger pool of candidates

Proactive Recruiting for Instant Results

Finding the right individual has never been easy. Today's rapid pace of business makes the task even more complex. It's no longer enough to simply search for people. The value in Centrix's instant productivity solutions comes from our ability to proactively recruit and have resources before you identify needs.

We maintain an experienced workforce at all times. This prepares us to quickly respond to any of your human resources needs. By keeping unique and career-minded talent readily available to address our clients' needs, we ensure that both our candidates and our client companies are better served.

Lightning Fast Systems to Harness Vast Recruiting Networks

With thousands of applicants spread across multiple offices, quickly finding your needle in our giant haystack could be a big job. However, we've built powerful systems to make it quick and easy. Central to these advanced systems is Centrix's exclusive CTX Search. A lightning fast database spanning multiple offices, CTX Search enables Centrix to aggregate and maintain a vast pool of qualified candidates - giving branches instant access to the right people at the right time.

The Centrix Difference Become a Client

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