Providing The Best of Market Talent

The quality of your employees is crucial to your success. We can get people to you faster than anybody. Our service will be better than anybody's. But, if the people we send you aren't up to the job, then nothing else matters. That's why we only represent the top 20-30% of available applicants, and why we're always prepared to stand behind our placements.

  • Exclusively Representing the Top 20-30% of Available Candidates
  • Complete Screening (structured interview, tests, reference check)
  • 200% Referral Rate (great people know other great people)
  • Total Matching (skills and culture fit)

The Highest Standards

Because we represent only the best people, you'll never have to waste your time considering unqualified matches. You can hire confidently, secure in the knowledge that Centrix’s highly qualified professionals will hit the ground running and make an immediate, positive impact on your organization.

Finding the Best People

Representing great people starts with finding great people. After years of recruiting experience, we've discovered that there are some places to search that are better than others, and one of the best is referrals. After all, great people know other great people. That's why one of the keys to the quality of our applicant pool is our 200% referral rate.

We are committed to treating our associates like they are the most important part of our business, which of course they are. As a result, every person we help will send us two more equally great people.

In fact, more than 1/3 of the people we represent come to us through referral or active recruiting – that is our professional recruiters reaching out into the community to find the very best people available.

Screening the Best People

Once you find a pool of talented people, the next step is screening them so you can be sure they will succeed. Our CTX Check screening process is a formalized evaluation consisting of Structured Interviews, Validated Testing, Reference Checks, and optionally, at client request, Background and Drug Screening.

We start with a structured interview that has been designed to provide consistency of process. In this way we can be sure we'll discover everything we need to know about their history and work style. We take the extra time to learn about an individual's aspirations, talents, skill level, past experiences, preferred work environment, etc. This enables us to place the candidate in a position best suited to their unique goals and attributes. This is the kind of thing that would be very difficult for you to do on your own since when you interview somebody, they tell you what they think you want to hear. When we interview somebody, they tell us what they're really looking for. As a result, we can make better matches and ensure that the individual will thrive in your environment.

Next, candidates are thoroughly tested in immersive, computer-based simulations. Naturally, hard skills like office software or typing are evaluated. Centrix uses skill testing software to conduct these tests. On top of that, Centrix's CTX Check goes the extra mile in testing soft skills like attitude, team-mindedness and problem solving abilities. These fully validated tests have been proven to predict job performance to a scientific certainty.

The candidate profile is further enhanced utilizing peer and manager reference checks. We insist on at least two positive work references for any candidate we'd consider representing. And, should you choose, Background or Drug Screening are available to round out the evaluation.

Your Needs Come First

Anybody who passes our CTX Check system is a phenomenal performer who has proven to us that they are ready and able to get the job done, but are they right for you? Every company, even every department, is unique. Your needs are very specific, so we work to ensure that we understand them and can fulfill them. We take detailed job orders. We're extra diligent to ensure that we understand your company and your needs. And, we match for culture fit as well as skills and experience, which results in higher productivity and 95% retention.

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